7 Best 3D Printing Pen 2019 – Comparison & Buying Guide

The technology grows by leaps and bounds, and today, we have products and services that we could dream off. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, printers that create objects, drones, and so on. All these things are developed for the comfort and benefit of all humanity. One of the most recent and striking achievements because of its low cost, its ease of use and its contribution to human creativity is the 3D pen.

Let’s take a tour through these special pens, from the basics functionality and check best seven available right now in the market. Are you a designer? Do you love art? Are you an architect? Do you want to impress your children? No matter what the reason is, it may be for you, so stay tuned.

What is 3D Pen?

Have you ever thought if it is possible to write or even draw on the air? Well, it is possible thanks to technology, as we said before.  A 3D pen is a device; of course, it is in the form of a pen, which using special plastic filaments, easily allows you to create things and sketches in three dimensions. In addition, it only requires a common computer to recharge and operate, and your willingness to use it and take advantage of it.

Material of a 3D Pen

The plastic filaments we just mentioned are made of mainly of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), a thermoplastic polymer – that means that it can be easily molded when heating -, that is used in all the 3D printing industry due to its high malleability and exceptional stability and duration after produced. This material is used in many toys, including the Lego bricks and it is the fun plastic. Just for you to know, the PLA (Polylactic acid) can be used as filament as well. Staying in the topic, what these 3D pens do, is to heat the plastic with electrical parts and then extrude the ABS out so we can use it.

History of 3D Pens

The 3D pens launched since 2013, and since then they have grown in popularity, applications and are becoming more versatile and practical. The first 3D Pen was called the 3Doodler, and is based on a way of working very similar to the silicone glue guns with a fundamental difference, the filament that emitted was much thinner, harder and resistant, and with much faster drying. We are now entering to 2017, and things have changed a lot, there already a whole market around this product and general 3D printing industry is growing in sales year after year.

What are the benefits of using a 3D Pen?

Unlike 3D printers, a 3D pen allows you to play more with your instant creativity, even a child can use it and turn it into an entertaining toy or an artistic tool, and its prices are much lower.

Unlimited Shapes and Geometry

So, when using a 3D pen, you can explore a whole world of possibilities, from a simple cube-like structure to a more complex and intricate one such as the Eiffel Tower. In short, the flexibility of the 3D pen will allow you to conceptualize a wide range of ideas and materialize them in three-dimensional structures.

Creative Designs and Customization Freedom

Something that you must keep in mind is that although you do not require a previous design using special software like in the case of 3D printers, the time it can take you to develop a creation can be comparatively longer than them, but it will definitely provide you with more fun and allow you always to put your personal touch.

Easy to Customize

Another aspect in favor of the 3D pens is that they are straightforward to transport so you can take one of them in your vacations and use it to recreate a typical building like a castle or a church while enjoying a pleasant moment knowing another culture.

How to Choose Best 3D Pen?

There are several features that you must identify in a good 3D pen to ensure that you are acquiring one of high quality and versatility, below we show you the most relevant.

  • Quality when building with it.
  • The power adapter included.
  • That can be used by both right-handed and left-handed.
  • That is lightweight and easy to grip.
  • That the handle does not overheat
  • If possible, have an indicator display.
  • Have a mobile application for better customization.
  • That responds to the use you want to give it, for children, professional or amateur use, for artistic purpose or as a hobby.
  • The number of filaments included. They can be ABS and PLA (Polylactic Acid – used to draw on windows, metals and to make matrices on other objects) according to your preference.

Our list of the best seven 3D Pen!

Our selection of the best seven 3D Pen is based on the characteristics mentioned above; we will enlighten you with all the pros and cons of each pen highlighting a simple description around their features so you can pick your favorite one to know more about it or to get one.


List of The Best 7 3D Pen

1 Scribbler 3D Pen Generation 3 Check Price
2 GENESIS 3D Printing Pen Check Price
3 Glyby Intelligent 3D Printing Pen Check Price
4 LIX 3D Pen Check Price
5 Lay3r 3D Printing Pen Check Price
6 MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen Check Price
7 3Doodler Create Pen Check Price


 Scribbler 3D Pen Generation 3

The first guest to our seven best 3D Pen list is the Scribbler 3D Pen Generation 3, which is an optimized version of the Scribbler Pen and therefore has all the updates in design and performance by its manufacturer.

Benefits of Scribbler 3D PEN

  • Create Several Objects
  • Helpful during the preparation of presentations
  • Its design is quite modest, stronger, and more attractive.
  • Incredibly light-weight and also easy to use
  • Extremely responsive input
  • Allows quick and easy installation of filaments
  • The screen helps to enhance usability and also practicality
  • Any surface Types can be used

Design of the Device

One of the characteristics that stand out immediately of the Scribbler V3 is its fresh design that you can get in one of 8 intense colors, but also very practical because of its ergonomic shape and OLED-display with which you can watch the temperature as you progress in your designs. As part of its attractive design, it is also essential to mention that it is a very lightweight 3D pen with just 50 grams of weight, being one of the lightest on the market.

This pen can use both types of filaments ABS and PLA so it provides the option of building a wide range of concepts and forms and is not limited in the variety of colors you can use from each of them.

Adjustable temperature

It does not have metal components which allow it to work without heating characteristic that is also reflected in its nozzle thanks to that it is composed of ceramic. This feature is handy for long sessions of work, and even if the pen is used by a child, it avoids the risk of burning.

User-Friendly Product

With a presence in the market for several years, this pen has shown a very positive evolution in recent time achieving excellent levels of comfort and versatility in its use, creating a very positive impact among its users having as pillar, as we have already mentioned, his practical and ergonomic design and you can get one for 129 US dollars.


  • The slim design makes it easier to use
  • Includes two heat settings for PLA & ABS
  • Has a wide array of filament color and styles
  • Instructions are clear and easy to comprehend
  • Its website contains several videos and project plans for tutorial
  • Includes a 1-year warranty
  • It can print with wood, metal and other infused plastics
  • Kid-friendly
  • This pen has a good, bright LCD screen
  • Quick adjustable speed control
  • Fast cleaning function


  • Expensive compared to most competitors
  • Filaments can get jammed
  • There are reported cases when the pen suddenly stops working after a couple of minutes or days

The main disadvantage of this 3D pen is that if you are a traditional artist, it may take you a little more time to get used to it, but once you pass that curve of adaptation its versatility and the quality of with which it builds will leave you astonished.


GENESIS 3D Printing Pen

The Genesis 3D Printing Pen is number 2 in our best 7. The pen is brought to market by Lasso Labs and presents itself as a great leader that can be reached even by artists. One of its strongest points is precisely being easy to handle whether you are a child looking to explore your creativity or a veteran artist who wants to carry out high-quality projects   

Life Time Warranty

The warranty provided by its manufacturer is exceptional because they guarantee the return of your money for life, of course, knowing that the defect or damage is a factory thing and not cause for possible misuse. This is additional to a great design that focused a lot on ensuring the durability of the pen.

Lightweight Design

Within its design, it is also important to note how light it is. It is the second lighter on our list, which also gives it the quality of being portable and be used in almost any environment as long as you can guarantee an electrical connection.

Control the Temperature

In its design, an LED screen is included along with two buttons to control the temperature at which the filaments are heated. It can be beneficial to have different textures in the material as well as different speeds in the drying.

Supports PCL and PLA FILAMENTS for more flexibility

So, you can see as soon as you open the packaging of the Genesis 3D Printing Pen, that it comes with five filaments of various colors which is very generous as other pens come only with three or even bring no additional for their purchase. Regarding the type of filaments, the Genesis can use almost all the different types, reason why it turns out to be very agile in this aspect.


  • Easy to Use
  • Capable of Utilizing Different Colors and Plastics
  • Kid Friendly (with adult supervision)
  • Suitable for Professional Use or Simply Having Fun
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Comes with Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty
  • Durable Construction.


  • Maybe Inadequate for Larger Printing Jobs,
  • Primarily Intended for Small Scale Designs.
  • There are no complaints especially with a warranty

The only major disadvantage of Genesis is that it does not fit very well for prolonged and continuous work because it can get warmer than it should. Beyond it is one of the best options you can find in a market that in itself is very competitive, this pen can be bought for something between 60 and 80 US dollars.


Glyby Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

A smart selection, as its name suggests, is what represents the Glyby Intelligent 3D Pen and therefore it is part of our listing. Despite not having a design as stylized as other pens in this list, the Glyby Intelligent is one of the best rated by users and experts around the world thanks to its high functionality and excellent performance when creating designs with great quality and precision.

Speed Regulation

Its best attribute is the speed with which the filaments are heated and exposed to the air to give shape to the different concepts that pass through your mind Now, if you add this factor to its price (about 50 US dollars) you will have in your hands a versatile, easy-access tool that can also work on almost any surface.

Kids Friendly

Something that you can see at the same time as an advantage or disadvantage is that it is designed primarily for children and implies that it has excellent ease of use, but for longer and intricate work, this 3D pen may lose some functionality. However, you can easily turn the Glyby Intelligent into an excellent gift for a curious child or who has an interest in arts.

When you buy it, you can choose from four colors, of which yellow turns out to be the most popular with this pen. It also comes with three filaments and of course its respective power adapter. This pen specializes in ABS filaments, so it is always advisable to work with them to ensure maximum efficiency of the Glyby Intelligent.

Overheating Protection

Finally, something essential for this pen is that it includes an alarm to prevent overheating and possible accidents with whoever may be using it; this is very handy for a 3D pen focused on children.


  • Cheap and easy to use.
  • The pen has an appealing look that will please kids.
  • Good build quality.


  • It has a short cord


LIX 3D Pen

Smallest Circular 3D Pen

Pretty different from the rest, right? The Lix 3D Pen is our VIP member on this list. The LIX 3D pen is the smallest 3D pen on the market. Its design allows it to be used as a normal pen, giving more ease of use and more control over strokes for anyone. One may think that its smaller size would be a consequence regarding the quality and material but is not. This beauty has proven to be as effective as any other form this list and is also the quietest one. There is no much sounds, vibrations, heating or any other uncomfortable sensations others may have and for that fact, this 3D pen is considered one of the best in the market

What Kind of Power Supply it Has

In the back of LIX we found a USB 3.0 port that is responsible for powering the device, thing that is really great as you do not need to have a big part with a battery inside and if you get a long enough cable you can work hours and hours without ever thinking about stopping to recharge; well, except the filament, which appears through a small head at the other end. However, the efficiency and duration have been proven as really functional, and its ABS/PLA filament is top notch. The fact of being able to choose the filament is excellent; you will not have any problem drawing on any surface.

is Price Affordable?

And as stated before, let us be sober, if you are pointing to look like a real professional, will not be this the perfect choice? This top-class 3D pen’s price starts at 82 pounds or around 149 US dollars, which is very affordable and you can order it via Amazon or Aliexpress. However, having good and professional 3D pens in the market at half of that price could be a real disadvantage for this one.


  • Very light and easy to bring
  • Easy to useable
  • Firm and stylish
  • Heats and cools filaments very quickly


  • A little delicate
  • A little more expensive than other 3D pens


Lay3r 3D Printing Pen

Our number 5 is one of the best if you are just recently getting into this world and want something that performs high-quality work but keeping the basics. Something for the classic people. This pen relatively big in size has only two buttons, one to feed the filament and other for unloading it when creating something; it additionally has a more cooling fan in the middle to keep the temperature fresh so you can use during several hours. However, to prevent any malfunction or damage, it comes with an auto shutoff device that will be active if the temperature is not being controlled. The Lay3r 3D Printing Pen comes with a power adapter and filament made of ABS, and it strictly feeds off that kind of material.

User experience

Despite its size and fan in the middle, which can be its only remarkable disadvantage, the 3D pen is not heavy at all and is easy to use, really comfortable and manageable for highly both skilled professionals or adults that want to learn. This device is not recommendable for kids for its size and for the hot nozzle, nozzle that ensures an excellent building quality. The Lay3r 3D printing pen could be judged by its appearance or name; if we check only those aspects, it will be not that attractive, that is for sure.

Available at Affordable rate.

Finally, the one year warranty and the very affordable price – it is one of the cheapest in the whole list – make this pen an excellent option for anyone, you can order one from Amazon by only 52 US dollars.


  • Lay3r 3D is simple to use not require any skills. Step by step instructions is provided in the manual.
  • The 1.7millimeter ABS filament technologies are the same one used on 3D printers that ensure that the drawings are of the maximum quality.
  • It has an inbuilt cooling fan to make sure it runs for hours without a hitch to get the best experience.
  • The capability to take pictures of famous landmarks and other drawings in 3-dimension in thin air is too perfect.
  • The pen recommended for children over 12 years.
  • Everyone can learn it quickly.
  • Apart from designing and drawing, the pencil is also ideal for fixing damaged plastic pieces.
  • It is available worldwide at a reasonable price.


  • Large Size
  • It’s not a good idea for younger kids to use the 3D pen by themselves. It needs adult supervision.


MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

The number 6 in our list is a top tech, the word professional in its name remarks that. The MYNT3D – by the way, how do you pronounce that? – Has an FDM technology inside it producing high-quality building when extruded the filament. The FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology creates pieces, layer by layer, from bottom to top, heating, and extruding the thermoplastic filament. This modern technology is the same used in the most professional 3D printers. and ensures the construction to be very polished and stable. This pen includes an OLED display which will show you the temperature at the nozzle and the filament that you are using; it can work with ABS or PLA just fine.

Temperature/ Speed is adjustable

This 3D pen finds its great advantage among the other in its customization. It has incorporated several buttons so you can adjust the temperature in 1ºC changes as you desire; you also can change the speed of the extrusion, and the button made for unloading let you create a continuous plastic stream by just double tapping it.

Designed for kids

That last feature is great longer printing art. As if that were not enough, the MYNT3D is easy to maintain and clean since its nozzle is removable. All those characteristics make our number 6 an excellent option for beginners and experts, and if you love customization, you will love it.


What is most impressive from this 3D is that you can have all that by something between the 50 and 70 US dollars and despite the not so ergonomic shape it is one of the best-reviewed 3D pens in market and websites.


  • Designed specifically for kids
  • Design and low-temperature nozzle that won’t burn young hands
  • Charges with Micro USB works with 1.75mm PCL filament (not compatible with ABS or PLA)
  • You can regulate the speed
  • Adjustable the temperature in 1ºC
  • Includes 3D pen, user manual, three rolls of MYNT3D PCL plastic, starter stencils and USB cable
  • One-year Warranty


  • Instructions are not great
  • Tend to pinch when left open
  • Speed ​​of material extrusion is very slow. In addition, a high tone is generated that can irritate the user.


3Doodler Create Pen

We close our list of the seven best 3D pens with a classic, 3Doodler in its most updated version 3Doodler Create. The 3Doodler was the first 3D pen that was introduced to the market, so the first thing to note is the great backing behind it. That allows this pen to be highly reliable, high quality and whose guarantee provides total peace of mind for its users.

The creations made by the 3Doodler Create dry almost instantly, which allows building structures very definite and strong. An aspect in its favor is that it is very compact, easy to use, and comes in four beautiful and intense colors for you to choose your favorite.

Easy Customization

In addition to the already common elements that accompany any 3D pen (power adapt, user’s guide and extra filaments) the 3Doodler Create includes tools for cleaning, nozzle removal, and temperature adjustment. That makes the package extremely attractive and worth spending the nearly 100 US dollars that this versatile 3D pen.

Its structure is made of aluminum which allows handling very well the heat, preventing it from being heated beyond what is desired.

Pleasing Design

Although it is not one of the lightest (weighs about 100 grams), its design allows a firm grip that makes it quite comfortable for long work sessions or in projects where precision is required.


  • Price is Affordable
  • Amazing Sturdy Design
  • Simple and Easy to Operate
  • Great Selection of Projects


  • Filament Strands too Short
  • Removing Filament can be Tricky
  • Freehand Drawing Less Fun than Stencils
  • Cooling Fan is a bit Noisy
  • Must be Plugged into a Power Source
  • Finally, another of its features is that it can work with both ABS and PLA filaments without any problem.


Frequently asked questions

NOT recommended, You could burn your skin with the tip of The pencil, and none of us want it to occur.

We’ve not yet tested other plastic Apart from ABS and PLA On the 3D Pen. Thus we can not guarantee the proper functionality or performance for this. We strongly recommend using our approved ABS and PLA material.

When changing PLA into ABS, first unload material, restart the device (unplug then plug power source ), press material/temperature button input ABS mode, then load ABS filament. When changing ABS into PLA, replicate in precisely the same manner.

Press speed control button to select the best suited extruding speed. Speed button is only working when stop extruding, and LED light is green; in different cases, the processing will be in vain.

Insert the chosen material into the feeding hole at the end of The pencil, press feeding button, and the built-in motor will move the filament. When the melted material come from the tip, it means your placing is correct,

The 3D Pen only takes just one minute or so to warm up. The pencil is ready to work with when the light turns green.

Anyone can use this 3D Pen to draw and create we recommend the 3D Pen for children above eight years old.

No need any instruction to utilize 3D Pen. Just a little practice So that it is possible to start to enjoy it.

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Our Conclusion :
Is it a great list, right? Now that you have the necessary information about 3D pens, you can choose the one that suits your desires, your budget and of course your curiosity. What is the one that fits you the most? And What would you do with it? What figure would you like to create? Let your creativity to fly away!

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