Ninja Blender Review

Ninja Blenders

Blenders are versatile electrical appliances that are used to mix, emulsify and puree food and other substances. It needs a powerful model with the ability to crush ice and tough ingredients. Ninja Blenders are one of a kind, and they match the qualities desired by most buyers. They come in different designs that have various distinguishing characteristics to suit your preferences. The Ninja Blenders go beyond the ordinary blenders and can pulverize ice in a few seconds. It has features that incorporate the latest Ninja Total Crushing Technology. There are more benefits you derive from using the Ninja Blenders since they have durable properties and you can use them for a longer period. SharkNinja Corporate is known to produce powerful blenders that have stood a test of time. These blenders are unique and can be used in preparing different types of smoothies. We have reviewed some of the best Ninja Blenders that will give you a new experience of preparing your favorite smoothies and puree.

  1. Nutri Ninja Blender System with Auto-iQ Technology (BL682)

It is one of the blenders that can be used to prepare smoothies for kids and Margaritas for adults. You can also mix dough in seconds and it can also be useful in blending tough ingredients and extracting essential nutrients. If you need healthy and delicious smoothies, the Nutri Ninja Blender System with Auto-iQ Technology (BL682) is a perfect choice for you. It provides beneficial characteristics such as Total Crushing, and precision processing.

The BL682 has undergone technical tests to prove its effectiveness in delivering the best blending results. It was excellent at grinding coffee beans and you can use this blender as a food processor and a multi-serve at the same time. Unlike most brands, it comes with the largest pitchers with a capacity of 72 ounces. It is incorporated with the Auto-iQ technology and a countdown timer which enhances your blending experience. This blender uses intelligent programs that provide you with a combination of blending, time pulsing and pausing patterns.

1500 Watts Motor Base, 72oz. Total Crushing Pitcher with Pour Spout and Lid, 64 oz. Food Processor Bowl, 18 oz., 24oz., and 32oz. Nutri Ninja Cups, and Pro Extractor Blades Assembly. It also features Sip & Seal Lids and Silicone Sleeves, Chopping Blade Assembly, Ninja Professional Prep System, 150-Recipe Book and Total Crushing Blades Assembly.

Low, Med, High, Nutri Ninja Blend, Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend, Puree and Pulse + Auto-iQ Frozen Drinks / Smoothies.

Pros Cons
  • It can be used to extract hidden nutrition from vegetables and whole fruits
  • It is capable of blasting through ice and frozen ingredients in a few seconds
  • It produces delicious and nutritious smoothies that improve your overall health.
  • It can chop vegetables very quickly and produces even results with no worries of over processing.
  • The blender has pre-programmed settings that delivers smooth consistent results, having unique blending patterns.
  • It is easy to read the volume measurements
  • It can be cleaned easily as it has durable properties that can sustain stains
  • It comes with easy to use controls
  • It is relatively expensive compared to other brands.
  • It is moderately loud
  • The manual pulse comes with a single setting.
  1. Nutri Ninja Blender DUO with Auto-iQ Technology (BL642)

The BL642 is one of the Ninja Blenders that comes with two interchangeable vessels installed on a single base. It is capable of pulverizing ice to snow while blending tough ingredients to smoothies. It provides you with delicious and healthy frozen drinks, purees and controlled processing. The Auto-iQ technology BL642 features intelligent programs that are essential for providing a combination of blending, time pulsing and pausing patterns according to your taste and preferences. It has a digital countdown timer which displays the remaining time on the Auto-iQ program that has been selected. It can also count up to the time of track blending when you are utilizing the three manual speeds.

The BL642 is capable of breaking down ice, vegetables, seeds and whole fruits with the combination of Auto-iQ technology and the Nutri Ninja Pro Extractor Blades. It delivers and outstanding performance for maximum vitamin extraction and nutrient content. You can also make super juices to take on-the-go that are rich in essential nutrients as it comes with small, regular and the Jumbo Multi-Serve Nutri Ninja cups. The Total Crushing Technology of the Nutri Ninja Blender DUO (BL642) delivers unbeatable professional power.

72 oz. Pitcher with Pour Spout and lid, 1500 Watts / 2 HP Motor Base (Auto-iQ Technology), Small 18 oz., 24 oz., 32oz. Nutri Ninja Cup, Total Crushing Blades and 3 Sip and Seal lids. It also features Pro Extractor blades, Ninja 75 Recipe Book and a Quick start Guide

Low, Med, High, Puree, Nutri Ninja Blend, Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend and Pulse + Auto-iQ: Frozen Drinks/Smoothies.

Pros Cons
  • You do not require any guesswork with the Auto-iQ technology as it does most of the work
  • It is inclusive of three different sizes of Nutri Ninja Cups that can be used to carry small portions of the smoothies.
  • It combines the Auto-iQ technology with the Pro Extractor blades to deliver the best blending performance.
  • It comes with extra programs that enhances your blending experience.
  • It can be used to extract hidden nutrition from vegetables and whole fruits
  • It produces delicious and nutritious smoothies that improve your overall health.
  • It is relatively expensive compared to other models.
  • Most users find this blender to be loud
  1. Ninja Professional Blender with Single Serve (BL660)

The Ninja Professional Blender BL660 comes with a sleek design and is a high-powered innovative appliance that delivers an outstanding performance. It is a perfect blender for crushing ice, pureeing, controlled processing and general blending. It has several programs that are essential in regulating the power and speed. The BL660 with single serve gives you a professional blending experience in both Nutri Ninja cups and full size pitcher.

It has some of the powerful blades that can crush the toughest ingredients such as vegetables, whole fruits and ice in a few seconds. You can use the BL660 to create healthy and personalized drinks for your kids and entire family. This blender has undergone several technical tests to prove its effectiveness at various speeds. It can be used to blend all types of items easily with 1100 watts of power. It has been constructed with BPA free materials to produce healthy drinks.

Total Crushing 6 Blade Assembly, 16oz. Nutri Ninja Cups, Single Serve To-Go lids, 110-watt Motor Base (Cord Storage) and single serve blade assembly. It also comes with 72 oz. XL Pitcher with Pour Spout and Lock-On Lid, and has 64oz maximum liquid capacity.

Power, Speed 1-Mixing, Speed 2-Blending, Speed 3-Ice Crushing, Pulse and Single Serve.

Pros Cons
  • It is easy to clean the pitcher and blades
  • It comes with a large easy pour pitcher
  • It can be used to extract hidden nutrition from vegetables and whole fruits
  • It produces delicious and nutritious smoothies that improve your overall health.
  • It has three speed modes that are useful in crushing, pureeing, and blending in a controlled manner.
  • The 16oz handy server cups help to save on wastes the fact that they can be covered too.
  • It is relatively affordable making it widely accessible to buyers
  • It might not handle the greens perfectly well as the results may be a little pulpy.
  • The results may vary depending on your taste and preferences.

What to consider when purchasing the best blenders

There are few things you need to consider when purchasing a blender. You will need the right blender to satisfy your preferences in preparing a variety of smoothies. Some of the factors include;

• The Wattage/ Horsepower
You need to determine the wattage of the motor since blenders come with different types of horsepower. The maximum wattage is the horsepower when that occurs when switching on your blender. The rated horsepower is the steady horsepower that can be maintained by the motor.

• Controls
What are the available controls for your blending? They range from low to high blending at different speeds. Some blenders only have 3 speeds while some will have several options depending on your preferences.

• Budget
Most buyers prefer spending less and getting more. It is necessary to determine the Blender that gives offers you a matching quality and fits in your budget. Their prices also differ because of the features and durability.

• Frequency of use
If you are intending to use the blender often, you will require a heavy duty that can sustain the processing. It will be useful in guiding your decision when purchasing the blender.


The Ninja Blenders are reputable brands that deliver excellent performance and blending experience. They come with different designs and features providing you a variety of choices according to your preferences. The Nutri Ninja Blender System with Auto-iQ Technology (BL682) is one of the best in the series, providing a combination of the Auto-iQ technology and powerful blades. The BL642 and BL660 are effective in preparing smoothies, purees and can crush ice at high speed modes. They are also manufactured by SharkNinja Corporate which is popular for manufacturing quality products. It is essential to have an idea of what makes up the best Ninja Blenders to match your desired expectations.


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