Best Computer Speakers Review

Best Computer Speakers Review

It is often a long and tiresome task to find the right speaker system for your setup. There are various factors you need to consider when searching for the best computer speakers. Most of the purchasing decisions will depend on your preferences in terms of sound quality. Most individuals prefer speakers that deliver a deep bass while others will go for the standard sounds. A good center channel speaker will deliver better intelligibility and clarity to a movie. You will probably get a new experience with a subwoofer. Less distortion and better clarity are preferable than the more low end.

You should also consider the amount of desk space you have. These speakers come in various designs and you will need to select one that matches your desired setup. The relatively small speakers mostly fit perfectly in most desks. If you have a wide space, you can also go for the larger speakers. Other speakers will come with a ton of inputs and controls and often differ in their audio performance. It is important to buy these speakers from reputable manufacturers as they guarantee quality products. There are several brands of computer speakers available in the market. Choosing the right brand or product will depend on your budget and quality. We have reviewed ten best computer speakers that will give you an idea of what to expect when shopping.

Model Brand name Connection
Aperion Allaire Aperion Wireless
KEF Egg KEF Wireless
Audioengine A5+ Active 2-Way Speakers Audioengine Wired
Edifier USA E25 Luna Eclipse 2.0 Edifier Wireless
Bose Companion 20 Bose Wired
JBL Pebbles JBL Wired
Harman Kardon SoundSticks III Harman Wired/Wireless
M-Audio BX5 Carbon M-Audio Wired
Razer Leviathan 5.1 Channel Gaming Sound Bar Razer Wireless
Logitech Z533 Computer Speakers Logitech Wired

  1. Aperion Allaire

The Allaire is one of the most versatile speaker systems in the market and offers convenience, style and a heap of connection options. Along the box’s top level, you will find a complete collection of accessories and cables spread out elegantly and comes with a sleek remote control. The creamy white exterior of the speakers is soft to touch and possesses a flat semi-gloss finish. It exudes a premium aesthetic and it is categorized among the classiest-looking speakers you can find in the market. They also come in black color and you can always select one that is best suits your preferences. The Allaire speakers are relatively smaller than most of the bookshelf speakers.

The music performance was tested by several songs and these speakers exhibited a clean and detailed upper register with complete bass lines. You can easily setup these speakers with your smartphone as it comes with the Bluetooth connectivity. They are also perfect when watching movies and you get to hear all the sound effects. If you are looking for the best Hi-Fi and wireless audio speakers, then the Allaire will do much more.

Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX, 60Hz-25 kHz frequency range, 4” woven fiberglass woofer, 1” silk dome tweeter, USB power jack, and 2×50 watt class amplifier. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and has Multi-purpose connectivity with Optical input (PCM).

Pros Cons
  • It has an expansive stereo image
  • It delivers an excellent performance with a gorgeous and well-balanced sound.
  • It has an attractive design
  • It is packed with amazing features
  • The Bluetooth volume is likely to max out quickly.

  1. KEF Egg

The oddly-shaped Egg speakers of the Kef Company reach new highs in terms of both sound quality and price. It offers a class-leading balance and is worth spending the fact that it delivers great audio performance. On the outside, each of the Egg speakers features a matte finish and they are available in white, blue and black. The KEF Egg speakers offer a Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connection with aptX and are a complete set of a self-contained speaker system. The 24-bit / 96kHz DAC is capable of playing back a variety of the high-resolution digital audio files.

This type of computer speakers has a potential audience as it is refined, crystal clear, poignant and straight-up luxurious. It has a brilliant effect of stereo separation and excels in most aspects that may lack in other models. Although it might be a little pricey, it is worth the cost as it brings with it an advanced technology of the computer speakers and improved audio performance. It fulfills every requirement for a compact, flexible and high-resolution main sound system.

Bluetooth 4.1, 24-bit / 96kHz DAC, USB connection, digital optical / 3.5 mm hybrid jack and an inbuilt 50-watt digital amplifier.

Pros Cons
  • It has an incredible sound quality
  • Has a wide stereo separation
  • Possesses a deep soundstage and excellent imaging
  • It comes with a digital, analog and Bluetooth connectivity
  • It has a high-resolution audio playback
  • It is expensive compared to other models
  • It has a limited length, of the proprietary speaker cable.

  1. Audioengine A5+ Active 2-Way Speakers

The Audioengine A5+ offers the right sound reproduction mix with an accurate and well-balanced frequency response. They deliver a smooth treble range and a deep rich bass, enhancing your music experience. You can bypass the analog output to get a pure signal since these speakers have an integrated digital-to-analog converter. The Audioengine A5+ desktop speakers are easy to setup and come with in-built amplifiers of 50 watts per channel. You won’t need the stereo receiver since you only need to connect them to a USB device or your player’s headphone jack.

You will also get a remote control that makes it easier to operate the speakers. It is possible to charge your mobile devices directly on these speakers as they have USB power ports and RCA inputs.

Built-in power amplifiers, remote control, improved thermal management, Gold-plated connectors, magnetically shielded, advanced tuned cabinet, stand-mount ¼ “ threaded inserts and cables. It also comes with a USB power charge port and Hand-built MDF wood cabinets.

Pros Cons
  • Provides a high-end listening experience
  • It can be setup quickly
  • It delivers real bass relatively closer to the originally-recorded music
  • It delivers a good audio performance and aesthetic quality
  • It comes with a 30-day audition when you buy directly online from the Audioengine store
  • The sound favors the bass and lowers-mids
  • It lacks the built-in AC port of the predecessor.

  1. Edifier USA E25 Luna Eclipse 2.0

It is one of the best overall computer speakers at nearly eight pounds. They are not completely wireless since they must be wired to each other before you connect them to a power brick. They are also wireless when it comes to connection with your computer via Bluetooth 4.0.It has a great system power rating with 22 watts of power I each midrange driver and 15 watts of power for every tweeter.

They neatly fit in line with other sizes of desktop speakers but may outpace the competition in both looks and sound quality. To enhance the sound of the speakers, the Edifier added a digital room connection and digital sound processing. It has an eye-catching moon like the shape and has a silky, rubbery texture. They make a great impression of sound quality and desired performance. It also comes with light and plastic-y remote that is simple and straightforward to operate.

Bluetooth connectivity, dedicated power amplifier, electronic crossover, 3-inch bass driver, 19 mm silk dome tweeter and a wireless remote control.

Pros Cons
  • They have an excellent build quality
  • It has a clear midrange and outstanding bass with dual 2” x 3” passive bass radiators
  • It comes with a 3.5 mm input for a versatile connectivity
  • It has incorporated the DRC and DSP for an enhanced audio performance and to control distortions.
  • It comes with a slick design
  • It is relatively affordable compared to other brands
  • The treble is forward in the mix

  1. Bose Companion 20

The Bose Company is well-known for manufacturing quality products and has gained a reputation over the years. The Companion 20 computer speakers deliver a new experience of the 2.0 sound system and you won’t require a separate sub-woofer. It possesses a good audio performance with real bass and treble. The volume ring oozes quality and feels great when turning the music volume. The Companion 20 comes with an automatic standby which becomes active after two hours of no audio signal. You can toggle this feature of energy saving mode by pressing the touch sensitive control pod, in about 6 seconds.

It results to chime which is reversed after toggling on the feature by repeating the steps. The true picture of Companion 20 lies in the performance of sound quality. Bose Company have been secretive about their audio technology which goes beyond the standard models. It comes with well-balanced sound signature and the brand possesses outstanding qualities.

2.0 speaker arrangement, wired connectivity, auto standby mode, versatile control pod features, active electronic equalization and Proprietary integrated signal processing.

Pros Cons
  • It comes with a powerful bass sound
  • It has a stylish design
  • It is relatively affordable compared to other brands.
  • It has a convenient wired remote
  • It provides more natural tone and clarity with the active electronic equalization
  • It delivers a full natural sound with the advanced port design and driver
  • It lacks the treble and bass controls
  • It is possibly too bassy

  1. JBL Pebbles

The JBL Pebbles deliver a stylish little sound package at relatively affordable price. They have Aux-in port where you can connect your phone, tablet or PC. The volume control of your computer syncs with the inbuilt volume control knob of the speakers. These speakers come if a variety of colors and you can always choose your favorite. The JBL has been a familiar and reputable name in audio performance. Most people are attracted by its modern looking appearance and its affordability. These Pebbles run on USB power and they acquire their audio signal through the USB port. If you are using them with computers, the JBL Pebbles are primarily plug-and-play speakers.

The inbuilt amplifier seems to have plenty of headroom and you do not need to overdrive them from the side of the source. Although they lack the Bluetooth connectivity, they have an aesthetically impressive cable management system. It also has a better combination of sound quality and versatility. These speakers produce a clear sound and the performance is impressive with its affordability.

Wired connectivity, USB ports, Bass Reflex, full range driver, 70 Hz frequency, 4 pin USB Type A, Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm and 1-year warranty.

Pros Cons
  • It has a remarkable cable management
  • It is powered by the USB
  • It is easily portable
  • It has an outstanding sound performance
  • It is relatively cheaper compared to other brands.
  • It has a great build quality
  • It lacks a USB wall adapter
  • It comes with short connection cables

  1. Harman Kardon SoundSticks III

Harman Company released the SoundSticks III that are modestly tweaked compared to its predecessors. The satellites are separated from each other with the cabling system by up to 10 feet and it the subwoofer was positioned in the center to designate a modern industrial design. The speakers have an additional support for audio streaming. SoundSticks Wireless III becomes automatically discoverable once the system is turned on, and the power will be indicated by a small white light. It is usually hidden towards the inner back of the bigger unit. It is simple to pair these speakers with other Bluetooth devices and leads to a secondary illumination inside the clear subwoofer’s front with a small blue light.

One of the strongest reasons why the SoundSticks Wireless III should be considered is the sonic quality and aggregate aesthetic that is included in the model. The sound quality is far beyond the common speakers in its price range. Generally, SoundSticks Wireless III is a great choice compared to its previous versions. It has undergone a series of upgrades to match the desired quality of the modern times.

2 speakers, 40W power, 3.5 mm jack, wired / wireless connectivity, deep bass subwoofer, 3-years warranty, and 2.1 speaker system. It also comes with eight range transducers and powered by 20 watts.

Pros Cons
  • It has eight full-range transducers capable of filling your room with great sound
  • It has a down-firing subwoofer
  • You can easily connect to any media device
  • It comes with attractive, quality audio cables
  • You can easily adjust the angle of your satellite speakers.
  • It lacks external jack for plugging in headphones
  • You need to power down the entire system to turn off the translucent lighting
  • Bass controls are situated on the subwoofer itself.

  1. M-Audio BX5 Carbon

The BX5 Carbon comes with a 1-inch silk dome tweeter in its black metallic front panel. When you power up the speakers, a blue LED light appears between the two drivers and each of them is self-powered. It also contains ports in the back panel to allow for better movement of the drivers. The power cables will connect below the power switch and you can select between 115 V or 230V sources using the additional switches. The speakers are fused providing a useful barrier when there is an excess powerful signal.

The BX5 Carbon provides a laudable bass response and is accurate on the studio monitor. It has a beautifully balanced and clear sound which is definitely up to the audiophile standards. It is also great for watching movies as you will get a true picture of the sound quality of the M-Audio BX5 Carbon computer speakers.

Professional monitoring, 1-inch silk dome HF Driver, 2.8 kHz frequency, 11 lbs weight, power on/off indicator, 30 W HF Amplifier power and 40 W LF Amplifier power.

Pros Cons
  • It comes with a compact design and good value
  • It is durable and has easy controls
  • It has an authentic flat frequency response
  • You can calibrate the speakers according to your mixing environment with the help of Acoustic Space Control.
  • It provides superior imaging with the new waveguide that possesses LED placement cues.
  • It is easily portable and you can always adjust them to suit your preferences.
  • It does not have front volume control
  • Lacks an HF trim

  1. Razer Leviathan 5.1 Channel Gaming Sound Bar

Soundbars have gained much popularity in the recent times and Razer Leviathan 5.1 brings the desired features to gamers and other users. It weighs 4.4 lbs and comes with four speakers delivering a total power of 30W. It is comprised of all internal components that are required to connect to various devices and its hefty weight becomes understandable. The subwoofer provides a frequency response of 20Hz to 180 Hz at 4 Ohms impedance.

The connectivity options are one of the primary marketing features of Razer Leviathan 5.1.It provides accessibility via 3.5 mm audio jack, NFC, Optical connection or Bluetooth. Razer claims that these speakers emulate a 5.1 experience, backed up by Dolby Virtual Speaker Technology. It provides an adequate length of the required cables and you will find the feet quite useful during the setup. The speakers feel well constructed and deliver the desired audio performance.

5.1 Channel Surround Sound, Dedicated subwoofer, Bluetooth V4.0 AptX, Dolby Technology, Preset Equalizers, and a space saving design.

Pros Cons
  • You can switch between 3 tuned equalizer settings with a push of a button
  • It comes with a space saving design for versatility
  • It is capable of converting audio from your sound card into an incredible 5.1 virtual surround sound stage.
  • It is easier to connect seamlessly to your Bluetooth devices
  • The subwoofer is dedicated for accurate reproduction of bass
  • It provides a greater experience compared to other Soundbars
  • It has multiple applications and connectivity options
  • It lacks a rumbling bass
  • It attracts shiny plastic smudges and dust
  • It has a wide power pack

  1. Logitech Z533 Computer Speakers

Logitech Company is popular for producing better packaging for their products and also focus on quality. All its connections are situated on the subwoofer and you receive 2 sets of RCA connections. You can connect other devices such as your video game consoles and TV with the inputs available. The Z533 speakers are then connected to the output ports. The output connectors have been colored purposely to match the cables available on the speakers. This makes it easier to set up the Z533 speakers.

If you are looking for affordable speakers that deliver a good audio performance, Z533 speakers are worth your spending. The system boasts in terms of sound quality and the product design. The Z533 speakers is a 2.1 system which is composed of a subwoofer unit and a pair of stereo speakers. You can change the bass output and volume without gaining access to the actual speakers as it comes with a wired control module. The system has been rated at 120W peak power and possesses 60W RMS.

3.5-inch audio cable, 60 W RMS, 30W subwoofer, 1x RCA input, 1x Headphone jack, RCA inputs, wired control pod, user documentation and 2-year manufacture’s guarantee.

Pros Cons
  • It has a great design and delivers a good audio performance
  • You can add a Bluetooth audio adapter
  • It comes with an all-access control pod
  • It has multiple connectivity inputs
  • It is a front facing subwoofer that delivers a rich experience
  • It is relatively affordable
  • The volume control might get a little glitchy

Most of these computer speakers are manufactured by reputable companies that guarantee quality and also consider your budget. Our top pick was the Aperion Allaire, one of the most versatile speaker systems in the market. It comes with unique features that designate quality and a great performance. There is no doubt that the Aperion Allaire delivers a great sound and can easily be connected to various Bluetooth devices. It has been tested by several soundtracks to determine its music performance. The results were positive and Aperion Allaire was proved to be excellent in listening to music or watching videos. The warranty offers you protection when you experience some technical issues.

Other brands have been competitive and give you a broad range of options. Some of them have incorporated the latest Bluetooth technology. KEF Egg comes with Bluetooth 4.1 and delivers an excellent audio performance. It also has a unique egg-shaped design that gives your setup a classic look. If you are looking for a speaker with aggregate aesthetic and sonic quality, the Harman Kardon SoundSticks III will be a perfect choice for you. One of the best budgets is the Logitech Z533 and strives to deliver the best experience of computer speakers. It is important to make your choices wisely based on your budget and quality of the system.


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